International cooperation and network

In our private and business lives, we all come across cross-border matters, whether purchases, negotiations, discussions or proceedings, that call for assistance in or from abroad. To give you this advice and assistance, we are members of LawPact, so that, where necessary, we can take account of foreign legal rules in our advice. Mr. Frederic Beele is member of the board of directors of LawPact.


LawPact is an international association of independent business law firms established to support its members in i) providing outstanding services to their clients, ii) practice management, iii) the application of evolving technologies, iv) marketing, and v) to enable us to offer a transnationally qualified referral network to serve the legal needs of our clients.

With the help of LawPact we can represent the interests of our clients transnationally in a professional manner without losing the personal touch. Via LawPact we are able to recommend the services of reliable lawyers in other countries.


LawPact regularly organises conferences so that alongside the purely professional exchange of information and best practices, a personal relationship and trust can also be built up between member practices and lawyers. Our clients can only benefit from this, as it allows us to make smooth introductions in an atmosphere of immediate confidence.